이야!!! 역시 노래 죽이네요!!! It girl~~ 너만 보면 미쳐~미쳐 따따라따라 크크 저희는 아미만 보면 미치는데……. (수줍) 여튼 #Homme #옴므 선배님 노래 대박 @-@/

Iyah!!! This song is definitely amazing!!! It girl~~
When I see you, I go crazy~crazy, ddaddaraddara* keu keu
When we see our ARMYs we go crazy
……. (Shy)
Anyway #Homme sunbaenims’ song is amazing @-@/

*T/N: A line from Homme’s latest song (also on the photo).

Trans cr; Nika @ bts-trans 

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[ENG] BTS American Hustle Life Episode 1 - Preview | ABS

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bts-trans/bangtansubs small update


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[ENG] 140714 Star Cast: Commentary | @bangtansubs

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[ENG] 140717 BOMB: Nickname T-shirts! 95 cam #1 | @bangtansubs

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[SPECIAL] What is Hallyu to You? Post your answer via Instagram video and tag @kconusa #HALLYU2ME . Video submission will be chosen to be in an exclusive video with BTS!

Submission Duration: July 21st - July 28th

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a sum up of bts american hustle life 1st teaser. ‘-‘

(via almightykitty)

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Is it airing on Tv? If so what channel and time?

Sorry, I don’t know if it will be airing on TV or not.

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